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Nepal’s No. 1 Online News Portal is focusing investigative Journalism from Nepal . we covers Political News, Business News, Banking News, Insurance News, Corporate Sector News, Socio-economic news, crime and security sectors news , Sports News and many more… well.

Sadawahar Media House Private Limited. is the promoter of the most popular Eco-politic online News portal It is regularly updating the accurate information based on Banking, Insurance,Share Market,Remit, business, politics and social activities of national / international arena.

On the other hand, mostly the economic pattern and in its interdisciplinary issues are coverage in NepalBahas, this is what we are focusing on and also we are trying to update the fresh bite of news through this site as well.

By the time, journalism and its broad sense has been focused widely through the technology and modernization, at the same time, people are also bound in the digitization market globally day by day, this is why, the people want credible and balance information every seconds, so that the NepalBahas is being success in its goal.

We are satisfied with our achievements in this short period of time, due to the effect of our loving reader, viewers, advertisers and millions of well-wishers, we are able to reach more than 50 thousand viewers every day and increasing every minute.

It’s said that, chariot needs two wheels to move perfectly and with balance charm, so as we need your valuable cooperation to move forward.

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