Tuesday , Baishak 7, 2078

Get Up Wake Up!! Ask for Accounts of Our Industries, Factories and National Assets!!

Get Up Wake Up!! Ask for Accounts of Our Industries, Factories and National Assets!!

The culmination of Oli’s arbitrariness has crossed the line. His entourage, Bhatuwa and Rale Singane are only trying to discredit him by inciting him. Those who could not reconcile the four leaders are considered the party president. Opposition and support are commonplace in politics, but Oli has turned support into bravery and opposition into outrage. It seems that he is losing his mental balance now. They have started going to Shital Niwas to eat in Baluwatar. What am I doing and saying?? They have even lost sight of that. Now even the advisers who give him advice and suggestions are slowly moving away from him. Incumbent Prime Minister KP Oli has not been able to find out what is going on in the streets, whether he wants to get out of the siege or not.

The situation in the country has deteriorated during the three-year Oli period as compared to the ten-year people’s war of the Maoists. Industry and business have not been able to rise in the country; traders and the private sector have not been able to stand on their own two feet. Farmers’ produce has been wasted without finding a market. Farmers who have to make a living by selling their produce have to spend their days and nights in the Maitighar Mandala eating the sticks of those who make a living from the taxes of the people reared by the government in the cold of Pusha. Nepal’s political parties have not been able to bring development, relief and self-satisfaction to the people of this country for 30 years.

After all those who pretended to be the representatives of the people came out as foreign brokers and porters, the people’s trust in the parties has been gradually eroding. Due to the childishness of the people’s representatives who consider the voice of the people as normal, it seems that the license to plunder the country brought by the people after the death of the leader and the leader’s entourage, hookah, chilime, bhandare, mundre, tole, shahre, haruwa, charuwaha is about to expire. If the license is not renewed in time, the driver of the current system may be arrested on the way at any time.

There is no point in talking about the shamelessness of the current government. If it is torn, it can be avoided by showing it. Instead of looking after it is completely naked, you should walk with your face turned and your eyes closed. What is happening in the country? Where is the country going?? How to create the future of millions of children?? How to reduce the financial burden on the industrialists and traders who are unable to recover from the years of Lakdaun and the epidemic of Corona? How to remove the net of rampant corruption in local bodies?? How to cut down the mountains of criminals who have looted the country?? How to bring together the factions, sub-factions, protests, obstructions, non-cooperation, etc. within your own party?? How to pay the price of pearls in the eyes of the people??

The party, which is not worried about any grievances but is always arrogant to resort to Shital Niwas if its interests are not fulfilled, is tearing apart the post of Prime Minister of the country, not just of any individual. If only honesty was lost in politics, then politics could be reconciled. However, since corruption and criminalization have taken root in all the currently active political leaderships, it is very unlikely that Nepal’s current politics will come to fruition only through political cleansing and political empowerment.

For this, it has become very necessary for the current political leadership to provide punishment and punishment. But in order to do all this, a very big political change and a very capable working style and strong-willed leader is needed. In the current context of Ali, such a powerful person, alternative political power is not appearing. Conflicts, rivalries, aftermath, disputes, dialogues and interactions within any group, organization, and party are normal things and it should be continuous. It helps not only groups and organizations but also the major political parties to understand each other, to generalize disputes and to establish mutual unity and good relations. As a result, politics has always been based on power and authority. It is also displacing political parties from many of the people’s activities that can be done while out of power.

The country should not be a prisoner of indecision for a long time for the personal benefit or addition of the leader of any individual, organization or political party. The country and the people should not be held hostage just for the momentary benefit of any political party and political leadership. If the promising youth force to build a country by erasing itself still keeps its mouth shut, hands and feet tied, the country will remain a country in name only. The continuous attack on the economic, social, religious, cultural customs and traditions of the country in the design of foreigners will destroy the entire identity of our country. Where is the official map of our country like now?? In the same way, tomorrow we will have to follow in the footsteps of these foreigners for years to find our religion, customs, traditions, rites and culture.

Now, there is no justification for the people to demand development from the present party leadership. Social justice and the rule of law are not in their political documents. If we look at their origin, they never seem to be on the path of development and progress. But now every sensible Nepali, every honest Nepali, every patriotic Nepali should ask for the industries of the looted country, the factories connected with people’s bamboo, bamboo and cotton, trolley bus and Janakpur cigarette factory, Himal cement and bamboo shawl. And you have to ask for Himal Cement and Hetauda textile industry. In 30 years, the Panchayat has built structures for the disintegration of industries, factories and development works. So now, whether the citizens call it democracy or republicanism, they have to ask the rulers for a description of the development infrastructures that were handed over to them when they handed over the country to them.

Sixty years ago today, these same Nepalis built the Kodari Highway and the Bhimdatta Highway in less than a year. Now the people have to ask the political parties and their leaders for an account of everything that has a direct bearing on the people. You have to ask for an account of the unequal treaties and agreements made in the country after 2046, you have to ask for an account of the physical infrastructure destroyed during the ten-year people’s war and the billions of looted people’s property, and you have to ask for an account. If the country can be plundered and eaten, the people’s children can be killed to fulfill their personal interests, the physical infrastructure can be set on fire and the ashes can be heated. Why not ask or find the source of unbelievable financial income of the party leader??? If you have come to build a country, you should not ask for an account of what, how much and what kind of country we have built in the last 30 years by comparing it with the last 30 years.


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