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Infrastructure Development and Youth Self-employment Will Be the Future Strategy of the Congress – Dr. Shekhar

Infrastructure Development and Youth Self-employment Will Be the Future Strategy of the Congress – Dr. Shekhar

The international labor market is becoming more and more challenging for Nepalis due to the fluctuations in the global labor market and the outbreak of epidemic diseases that spread every year. It is seen that it will be a problem to sell Nepali labor in the world market in the future.

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. Dr.Shekhar Koirala has said that now is the time for the Nepali Congress to pay attention to the plan of consuming educational manpower in Nepal. Stating that increasing unemployment in the country will be a problem for the development of the country and to create a huge number of jobs within the country to bring the citizens out of the state of depression, the Congress leader said. Dr.Shekhar has said that his only goal and objective is to create a plan to create employment for the educated youth in Nepal.

He also clarified that he wants to promote the concept of local contractors and local workers in the development project to be implemented now in order to maintain the ownership of the local people in the development plan. Stating that the interest of the locals in the development projects is diminishing and the mood of the contractors is increasing due to the fact that the locals are unfamiliar contractors and unfamiliar workers. Koirala has now expressed his commitment to end the party. Pointing out that government schemes can be fruitful only if development and people are together, he also emphasized on giving priority to the plans, according to the wishes, expectations and needs of the people, which are the first priority of the local people.

Expressing concern over the situation where millions of educationally unemployed people are being produced in the country every year and no employment environment has been created in the country, they have been forced to sell the minimum wage in the foreign labor market. Dr.Shekhar has said that there is a lot of potential for employment and self-employment in Nepal and there is a lot of potential to create an environment for the country’s educational manpower to work in the country.

Nepali Congress Janjanaka Dhukdhuki Dr. Shekhar said that there is a National Planning Commission in the country but it does not make any plan to provide employment to the people. He said that the National Planning Commission is no longer an arena of political distribution and distribution center on the recommendation of leaders. He said that it will be made active as a center for making employment programs.

Dr. Shekhar’s Looking at successive plans and the clear direction of action to implement them, how can he be as confident as the great man Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala in the great campaign of national development and heal the sorrows of the country and the people ? It can be seen that he is very worried. On what basis do you dream of developing the country after the country’s labor force has migrated abroad ? Saying Dr.Shekhar says that now it is up to him to create an environment that can stop the youth in the country. Dr. Shekhar says the new National Planning Commission, which provides direct and indirect employment to at least 4 lakh youths every year, must submit a report with statistical data to the government.

Creating an environment to bring back both Nepali skills and Nepali manpower who have fled abroad and create a conducive employment environment for the educational manpower produced in the country. Even after Dr.Shekhar’s ambitious plan, it seems that the country is waiting for such a promising leadership. If the Nepali Congress can fall into the hands of a person with such a vision and mission, one can be sure that it will not take long for the country to change.  Dr.Shekhar said that the most effective mechanism for the development of the country is strong, need-based and timely planning and implementation, adding that Sandaju himself went to the National Planning Commission to make a plan.

The only hope of the Nepali Congress, Koirala said, is that the more active the leadership level is in planning and implementing the country’s development, the more cadres will be mobilized. Saying that he is confident in the matter, Dr. Shekhar said that government agencies, including government ministers, secretaries and department heads, should make it mandatory to visit the site at least once a month to create a mechanism to monitor the government’s plans on site, back up, press for timely completion and seek immediate solutions to problems encountered during planning. He also said that he has a plan.


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