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Kawasoti lacks fire hydrant

Kawasoti lacks fire hydrant

Kawasoti : Firefighters in Kawasoti have to run towards rivers for water if there is any incident of fire in the market area, as there is no fire hydrant at the locality.

It means the risk of a huge loss from fire in absence of active fire control is high in Kawasoti. There are no fire hydrants in major market areas in Nawalpur (Bardaghat Susta East). Kawasoti which serves as the district headquarters after the federalism in place.

There was one fire hydrant at Phalphul Chowk of Kawasoti in the past, and it was lying useless. The water connection point set up long back was removed during the Narayangadh-Butwal road widening. Fire hydrant is a device used by firefighters for collecting water from pipelines or a water supply system.

The unavailability of fire hydrant may cause a delayed response to the fire, preventing the active fire control efforts. There are limited open sources of water near the market area.

Kawasoti Drinking Water and Sanitation Consumers’ chair Bheemlal Kandel said fire hydrants would be installed soon in Kawasoti. “We have taken it as our social responsibility and planned to install it at eight to ten locations. We will work on our plan within the next six months,” he added.


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