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Shaken Baby Impact Syndrome

Shaken Baby Impact Syndrome

SBIS is the medical term used to describe the violent shaking of an infant/baby/child and the resulting injury sustained by that brief moment of violence. This form of child abuse can result in serious brain injury, including seizures, mental retardation and blindness.

SBIS was first described in 1974 and can be lethal. Approximately one in four babies (25%) with SBIS dies from the injuries. Those who survive may suffer blindness caused by bleeding around the brain and eyes, or disabling brain damage, mental retardation (mild to severe) paralysis, seizure disorders, speech and learning disabilities, neck and back damage, and dislocated bones. The majority of perpetrators of SBIS are males, approximately 22 years of age.

  • SBIS is the medical term used to describe the results of violently shaking an infant.
  • Shaking is of such force that an independent observer would recognize the act as dangerous.
  • SBIS most often occurs when a child receives numerous rapid shakes. The actual head impact is not necessary but does frequently occur.
  • Why do parents and caregivers shake babies?
  • A caregiver momentarily succumbs to the frustration of responding to a crying baby by shaking the baby.
  • SBIS usually happens when the caregiver is angry and loses control.
  • Caregivers may be inadequately prepared for parenting.
  • Parents may be under stress and cannot deal with the frustrations of parenting.
    The caregiver personalizes the infant’s crying as inadequate caregiving


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